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Video Baluns (Coax to Cat 5 Converters) -  Quad Baluns - Active Baluns - Ground Loop Isolators

Video Technology for high resolution CCTV video & excellent immunity against interference.

EQL Teleconnect have a comprehensive range of Baluns (Coaxial to Cat 5 Converters) which allows video to be transmitted over twisted pair Cat 5 cable with virtually little or no interference.  Unlike coaxial cable, twisted pair cable is a balanced transmission medium and therefore any interfering signal source that is present at the installation site will be introduced to both wires of the twisted pair cable and will effectively be cancelled out due to the high Common Mode Rejection performance of EQL's video balun.

Benefits of Cat 5 Cabling over Coaxial Cabling include:

  • Savings on installation costs particularly over medium to long distances because Cat 5 cable is about 30% cheaper.  Typical savings for single coax (camera) installation is ~ 15% and for 4 camera installation is ~ 65%.

  • With 4 pairs of cable provided by Cat 5 and only one pair is used for video transmission, the extra pairs can be used for either feeding power down the line to the camera and/or used for PTZ control functions for camera using RS422 or RS485 protocol.

  • The Cat 5 cabling can be used for new technology IP cameras should this be required in the future.

To make installation even easier using Cat 5 cabling EQL have video baluns with Insulation Displacement (IDC) or Krone type interface which facilitates quick installation without wasting time in having to terminate the cable onto an RJ45 connector or in the case of coax cabling BNC connectors. 


Traditionally, coaxial cables such as RG59 are used for connecting the CCTV camera video to the DVR but now it is possible through use of EQL's Passive Video Balun (Coax to Cat 5 Converter) to replace the more expensive coaxial cable with Cat 5 cable for this purpose. This application is shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1

Coaxial Cabling Installation Method

Cat 5 Cabling Installation Method

The common types of baluns that are used are either with RJ45 Jack or with Quick Connect Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC). Figure 2 below shows 3 BNC Male types that are most commonly used by CCTV installers. Other coaxial interface types that are available include BNC Female and Type F Male or Female.


Figure 2

BNC Male RJ45 Standard Case

BNC Male RJ45 Slim Case

BNC Male RJ45 Slim Case

BNC Male Push Terminal

BNC Male RJ45 100mm Cable

BNC Male IDC 100mm Cable
With distances between the Camera and DVR of up to 400 metres it is not too difficult to see the cost savings that would be achieved by switching from existing coaxial cabling to Cat 5
Single Camera Cost Savings using Cat 5 Cable

An example of the typical savings that can be achieved over say 400 metres is provided in Table 1 below.

Assumptions: Cost of RG59 per metre: A$0.50 and Cat 5e A$0.35 per metre

Cable Type    Cost of Cable  Cost of Converter Cost of Connector Total Cost
RG59  $200.00  $ 0.00  $2.00  $202.00
Cat 5e  $140.00  $32.00  $0.00  $172.00
Savings 1 Camera $ 30.00

Table 1

Other Advantages of Using Cat 5 cable
Cat 5 cable offers 4 pairs of cable of which only 1 pair is required for video leaving 3 additional pairs for either power for the camera and data for controlling the PTZ functions of the camera which uses RS 485 protocol. These types of Balun are shown in Figure 3 below.

Figure 3

Video, Power and Data Balun

P/N E10522

Video and Power Balun

P/N E10524
Multi-Camera Application

Where multi cameras are involved in an installation, use of EQL's Quad Balun will achieve even greater cost savings when the Cat 5 cable is used as a backbone cable - See Figure 4 below

Multi Camera Cost Savings using Cat 5 Cable

An example of the typical savings that can be achieved for 4 cameras over say 305 metres is provided in Table 2 below.

Assumptions: Cost of RG59 per metre: A$0.50 and Cat 5e A$0.35 per metre

Cable Type    Cost of Cable  Cost of Converter Cost of Connector Total Cost
RG59  $610.00  $ 0.00  $8.00  $618.00
Cat 5e  $106.75  $70.00  $16.00  $192.75
Savings 4 Cameras $425.25
Table 2

Significant cost savings can be achieved by using Cat 5 cabling instead of Coaxial cabling and where the Cat 5 cable is used in a single camera application there are additional benefits of spare cable pairs which can be used for powering the camera and for PTZ control.


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